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Sneaky Sea Lion Steals Giant Fish Out Of Fisherman's Hands

A crafty sea lion comes out of nowhere to steal a fisherman's prized catch.


Huge Humpback Whale Slaps Cameraman

This is what it looks like when a giant humpback whale delivers a solid smack to the face (and camera) of a diver.


Stephen Colbert Solved The Lion Vs. Tiger Debate Once And For All


Never one to shy away from a controversial subject, Stephen Colbert tackles the lion-tiger rivalry head on.


Okay, Fine, PBS. You And Your Baby Sea Otter Show Have Our Attention.


PBS's "Nature" will air an episode tomorrow titled "Saving Otter 501," which will focus on an aquarium's attempt to rescue and rehabilitate a baby sea otter.


Giant Sting-Crazy Chinese Hornets Are Going To Kill Us All




Flying From An Eagle’s Point Of View

Experience what it's like to majestically soar through a French mountain range, courtesy of a GoPro-equipped eagle.


True Facts About The Frog

The frog gets the always entertaining True Facts treatment.

Seasons Changed: Summer Edition

Nature Ft. Cormega – “Summer Breeze” (Prod. By DJ Concept)

New Nature and Cormega on the cut "Summer Breeze," featuring production by DJ Concept.


Louisiana Sinkhole Swallows Several Tall Trees Whole

A sinkhole sitting under a Louisiana lake decides it's hungry for some trees, and takes care of it in one gulp.


“Shark Whisperer” Balances Shark In Palm Of His Hand

Incredible footage of a diver balancing a deadly reef shark in the palm of his hand after massaging it to sleep with a gentle nose rub.


Syfy In Real Life: Testicle-Eating Fish From The Amazon Are Invading Europe


Fishermen in Sweden recently caught a pacu, a relative of the piranha best-known for biting people's testicles off.


True Facts About The Owl

The owl gets the always entertaining True Facts treatment.


Massive Cliff Collapses Onto Beach in France

Incredible footage of a giant cliff collapsing onto the beach near the city of Saint-Jouin-Bruneval, France, sending beachgoers running and a huge cloud of dust into the air.


Divers Come Within Feet of Getting Eaten by Whales

A pair of giant humpback whales pop up for lunch, nearly swallowing two divers in the process.


Drowning Whale Saved by Brave Fisherman

Adrian Colaprete dives into the ocean to within feet of a drowning northern right whale -- an endangered species -- and cuts it free from fishing rope with a knife, capturing everything using a head-cam.


Otter Teases Dog

A sea otter playfully taunts an Australian cattle dog.


Impala Leaps Into Car Window to Escape Cheetahs

A group of impalas leap across the road at Kruger National Park to escape a pair of cheetahs in hot pursuit, with one of them desperately leaping into a tourist's vehicle.


Mexican Volcano’s Massive Eruption

A webcam captures the incredible eruption of Popocatépetl, a volcano about 40 miles southeast of Mexico City that erupted on Monday, shooting ash and rock over two miles in the air.


Mother Sheep vs. Wolf

Traditional roles go out the window when a wolf approaches a mother sheep and her two little lambs.


True Facts About The Aye Aye

The aye aye gets the always entertaining True Facts treatment.

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