The BBC’s Breathtaking ‘Planet Earth’ Has A Sequel On The Way And The New Extended Trailer Is Amazing

10.14.16 1 year ago 4 Comments

Thrilling news for nature documentary enthusiasts and people that need something to look at when really really baked! (Not that these two things are mutually exclusive.) A sequel series to the critically adored Planet Earth is on its way to completely absorb all your free time.

Earlier this week, we were giddy about the BBC releasing a one-minute trailer for the follow-up featuring tons of celebrities from the animal kingdom. Now we’ve been treated to an extended trailer with more gorgeous cinematography and exciting leaping monkey action. What more could you want, really? Hans Zimmer contributing an original score? They’ve got that too.

Breathtaking visuals are essentially Planet Earth‘s bread and butter so this particular effort was shot in UHD which should pair very nicely with Sir David Attenborough’s voice providing the narration. According to previous reports, Netflix audiences won’t be able to give PlanetEarth II a gander under 2019, so best to soak in as much of this as you can. Or maybe Planet Earth: The Future or the Disneynature companion Earth can tide you over in the meantime. Either way, you have lots of time and options on the table. Say howdy to the clerk at the dispensary for us!

(Via TVLine)

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