Watch This Enormous Fishing Spider Get Whooped When It Attacks A Hive Of Honey Bees

What is it about spiders that makes them so terrifying? Is it that they just have too many damn eyes and legs or those giant fangs or that they’re predators capable of taking down whole mice and snakes that sometimes grow to the size of a puppy and chill out in places you don’t expect them, like unassuming bags of salad? Yes, those reasons. One creature that is decidedly not intimidated by spiders however, is the common honey bee, as you can see in this video uploaded by bee farmer Zaur Man who runs the natural honey website

The honey man writes in captions over the video that these types of fishing spiders can often be found under the lids of his hives. Unlike web building spiders, fishing spiders stalk their prey. At first the bees largely ignore the large spider because they do not observe it to be a threat, but as soon as it makes a move they quickly pile on, making short work of the large spider, incapacitating it with the venom in their stingers. As someone points out in this Reddit thread, the bees are able to sting the spider over and over again, because unlike human skin, the hook of their stingers don’t get caught in a spider’s exoskeleton.

There’s not really much more to elaborate here, but now seems as good a time as ever to drop this gif:

(Via Reddit)