This Wild Humpback Whale Put On One Hell Of A Show

It seems like everything cool happens in Alaska, right? As much as we try to hold our own, things in Alaska just seem more wild. People are doing cool things up there. The animals are always keeping us on our toes. And the sea life never ceases to amaze us in the boring old lower 48. Alaska has always been the wilderness up there, and that aura will continue to surround that place as long as videos like this keep surfacing.

While making his rounds before setting out, Captain Cy of Strike Zone Sportfishing captured this absurd dockside show. The video features a huge humpback whale dipping below the dock and then surfacing as it chases after fish in the Knudson Cove Marina in Ketchikan, Alaska. You can even see the bubble net cast by this mammal, something that people rarely get to capture with a cellphone video.

Smooth moving Cy doesn’t even react when the guy calls out where the whale’s gonna breech and then watches it play out. Like we said, people are just cool up there.

According to the fine people of Knudson, the whale has been feeding right in front of Knudson Cove Marina for the last three days.

Cy, we expect a few more videos.