Pop A Bottle Of Champagne And Dim The Lightsssssss, It’s Snake Mating Season

05.09.17 10 months ago 2 Comments


NSFW- A group of horny snakes in their pleasure den.

We’ve all had the uncomfortable experience of a significant other accidentally leaving their PornHub history open on their computer. As much as you know you should just close it out and leave them their privacy, it’s right there. You have to check their history, right? So you do it. You check their last five searches. But you always regret it. Because every single time you do, you find out that they only ever search for the same thing. “Super Sexy Snake Orgy.”

Well, that still fresh wound is about to get reopened, guys. Because it’s mating season for red-sided garter snakes, and thousands of people (really 3000 people a day) are heading to Manitoba, Canada to the Narcisse Snake Dens to watch a bunch of reptiles make sweet love to each other. These snakes are live, nude, and ready to party. And your mother was right, you’ll never be able to compete with them. Never.

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