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Kevin Bacon Had To Rent ‘Footloose’ To Learn His Old Dance Moves For His ‘Tonight Show’ Appearance

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When Kevin Bacon appeared in a 'Footloose' tribute on 'Fallon' last year, he had to go back and rent the movie to prepare his old moves.

#Jimmy Fallon

Jeff Daniels Attempted To Twerk During A Game Of ‘Pyramid’ On ‘The Tonight Show’

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The Jeff Daniels twerk is something that will be burned into my memory for a long time.

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Nick Jonas Is Now Trying To Shake His Wholesome Image With NSFW Sex Scenes

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Nick Jonas is on a mission to shake his squeaky clean teen persona and he will burn it to the ground and salt the earth.

nick jonas

Nick Jonas Has Something He’d Like To Show You

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Nick Jonas is trying REALLY HARD to show you what a grownup he is now, you guys.


Nick Jonas Will Star In DirecTV’s New Family Drama About An MMA Fighter

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DirecTV's new MMA family drama 'Navy St.' will star Nick Jonas as a shy, young UFC fighter.


Nick Jonas Is Making Us All Look Bad

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Former teen heart throb and current 20-year old heart throb Nick Jonas posted an impressive shirtless selfie to his Instagram account.

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