Tina Fey Won’t Ever Do A Nude Scene

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Tina Fey is beloved by pretty much everyone not named Taylor Swift, but she’s also a 42-year old mother of two, which means that most of us are pretty cool with the fact that she won’t do nude scenes.


Dakota Fanning celebrates her womanhood with nude scene

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Dakota Fanning actually turned 18 last February, an event that probably would've been accorded more fanfare if she didn't seem so damned normal.


The TSA Is Sick Of Looking At Our Flabby Bods, Will Remove Nude Scanners From Airports

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Apparently Americans are ugly enough nobody wants to see us naked.


Birthday Suits FTW: Television Actresses You Were Likely To See Naked in 2012

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A ranking of how likely, based on frequency and gratuity, you are to see a particular actress nude on cable in 2012.

robert zemeckis

Review: Flight is basically an infomercial for AA with planes

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If a critic's first responsibility is to help the reader enjoy a particular work - and I'm not sure I agree, but I've heard that - with Flight that's an easy one: stay for the first 20 minutes and then leave.


Nick Offerman Wants To Get Naked For You

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Raise enough money for autism education, you'll see Full Swanson.


Did You Know There's Been A 407% Increase In TV Nudity Since Last Year?

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In a study released by the Parents Television Council, the watchdog group says TV nudity has increased 407% since last year.


The Best Sexy Paralympic Sprinter Calendar You'll See Today

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I'd add 27-year old Japanese sprinter Maya Nakanishi to <a href="http://withleather.uproxx.com/tag/athletes-to-watch" target="_blank">our list of Olympic athletes to watch</a>, but she deserves on a list of her own.


More Of Sebastian Janikowski Than You Were Ever Planning To See

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I understand that <a href="http://withleather.uproxx.com/2011/10/espns-nsfw-ish-body-issue-naked-gymnastics-and-awkward-nude-dunking">ESPN The Magazine's The Body Issue</a> looks to highlight the human body at its athletic peak, but I see no reason why Oakland Raiders placekicker Sebastian Janikowski couldn't have kicked footballs with his shirt on.


Amanda Seyfried too prude for exposed beav

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Amanda Seyfried is currently busy shooting Lovelace, a biopic about a lady famous for shoving giant penises down her throat, but despite that, Seyfried, who has already done topless scenes in Chloe (<a href="http://filmdrunk.uproxx.com/2010/04/important-news-about-amanda-seyfrieds-breasts-nipples" target="_blank">ahem</a>), says she'll never do "full frontal.


Morning Links: If You Don’t Read Them, You’re On My Dunzo List

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Very NSFW Trailer For Japanese Little Red Riding Hood Werewolf Movie

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Funny how the subtitle was also the lie I told myself when I screencapped this.

#game of thrones

The 10 Television Actresses You Were Most Likely to See Naked in 2011

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A magical trend has been building on cable for years and it all seemed to culminate into this fantastic orgy of awesome in 2011: Nudity and quality television are no longer mutually exclusive.


ESPN’s NSFW-ish Body Issue: Naked Gymnastics And Awkward Nude Dunking

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ESPN The Magazine has released a batch of photos from the 2011 installment of their annual "The Body Issue", and while full-on nudity isn't something we can really share with you at With Leather, we can't see a picture of Blake Griffin dunking with his pants down and not share it with you.


The Internet Responds To Scarlett Johansson’s Nude Photos With Typical Class And Grace


In case you've been in a coma (welcome back, now go shave), two nude photos of Scarlett Johansson leaked due to a phone hacking and were posted at Reddit on Wednesday (and no, I'm not linking to them).

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Olivia Wilde Discusses Nude Scene in Cowboys & Aliens, Emma Stone Uses A Shake Weight

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If you hadn't heard, Olivia Wilde filmed a scene without clothes on for Cowboys & Aliens (opening today).


Swedish Sweater Swap Paralyzes German News, Creeps, Weirdos

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Have you ever been to a baseball game and seen your favorite player warming up a few feet in front of you, but when you call out his name or try to ask him for an autograph he waves at you and moves or just ignores you completely.


“If his camera could talk, it’d be arrested for statutory rape.”

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Machete Maidens Unleashed is a documentary about the golden age of Filipino exploitation cinema from the 70s and 80s, director Mark Hartley's follow up to "This is Mark F-Stop Fitzgerald.

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