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Future Darwin Award Winners Go Twerking On The Subway Tracks

By | 2 Comments

This Thanksgiving, be thankful you haven't twerked on NYC subway tracks.


Enjoy This Collection Of Stanley Kubrick’s Photographs Of The NYC Subway From The 1940s

By | 4 Comments

Before becoming a director, Stanley Kubrick took photos for Look of...the New York City subway.


New York PBS Station Wins At Advertising With Glorious Fake Reality Show Subway Ads

By | 28 Comments

1) Create ridiculous fake reality show posters, 2) Tell people they're stupid for thinking this was real show, 3) Profit?


Watch Jay-Z Ride The Subway With An Adorable Old Lady Who Has No Idea Who He Is

By | 18 Comments

"Are you famous?" asks an adorable lady to none other than Jay-Z on his way to playing a sold-out arena concert.

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