Of Course Mickey Rourke Said He Beat Usain Bolt In A Drunken Street Race

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I may not know much about the celebrity game, but I do know that if Mickey Rourke wants to tell you a crazy story, you take that phone call every damn time.


The Best And Most Ridiculous Of The 2011 Guinness World Records Day

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For the seventh year in a row, people all over the world gathered to perform ridiculous tasks and insane stunts for the sake of getting their names in the Guinness Book of World Records.


The Best Of The Inaugural 2011 European Rabbit Hopping Championships

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Back in May, I introduced the world of With Leather to the latest Swedish sport to win our hearts – Kaninhop.

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The Costumed Crazies of the 100th Annual Bay To Breakers 12K Race

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Continuing our love for zany, kitschy, costumed, drunken and nude competitive events, the great people of San Francisco hosted the 100th annual Zazzle Bay to Breakers 12K race this past weekend, and there were plenty of costumed, drunk and naked people in attendance.


Your Weekly Dose Of Racing Awwwww

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Leave it to the Swedes to not only make affordable dorm room and bachelor pad furniture, but it seems they’ve also invented the most adorable form of animal competition not called the Puppy Bowl.

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Bring Your Own Big Wheel Happened

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If it’s not obvious by now, I’m quite fond of the more ridiculous “sports” and games that don’t quite count as professional, or even amateur… hell, sometimes they’re not even sports.


Screw NASCAR, Let’s Watch Chairs Race

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With the futures of the NFL and National Basketball Association in jeopardy, we’re facing a world that would only offer us one great sport in baseball.


New Ways To Make Lawn Mowing Fun

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The United States Lawn Mower Racing Association is a real thing, and the 2011 STA-BIL Lawn and Garden Mower Racing Series is set to put its lever in the upright position, prime the engine and yank the cord this Saturday with the Potomac Speedway's Mow Down Show Down.

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