Peter Capaldi Turned Down The Chance To Play The Doctor On ‘Doctor Who’ Years Ago


Peter Capaldi offers up a chance to ponder an alternate timeline where he played the 8th Doctor.


Watch Peter Capaldi Cheer Up A Grieving Child As The Doctor

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Peter Capaldi recorded a short video as The Doctor for a grieving child and it might make you cry.

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Departing Craig Ferguson To Seth Meyers: ‘You’re Going To Go F*cking Crazy, Seth’

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Ferguson also talked about doing acid with the new Doctor on 'Doctor Who,' Peter Capaldi.


The New ‘Doctor Who’ Opening Credits Were Designed By A Fan

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Steven Moffat liked a fan-made version of the "Doctor Who" opening credits so much, he decided to use them in the actual show.


‘Doctor Who’ Has A New Face, A New Trailer, And An Official Premiere Date

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Get ready for the new era of 'Doctor Who' with this teaser trailer announcing the new season.

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Check Out Peter Capaldi’s Costume For ‘Doctor Who’ And The Memes It Inspired

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The BBC released the first look at Peter Capaldi as the Twelfth Doctor in 'Doctor Who', and Tumblr unleashed the memes.

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Peter ‘The Doctor’ Capaldi And Craig Ferguson Were In A Really Good Punk Band Together

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Long before starring in "Doctor Who" and hosting a late night talk show, Peter Capaldi and Craig Ferguson were in the post-punk band Dreamboys.


Peter Capaldi Is Finally In A ‘Doctor Who’ And ‘The Thick Of It’ F#%kety Mashup Video

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We knew Peter Capaldi's character from 'The Thick Of It' would be mashed up with 'Doctor Who', and it's delightful.


Here Are Some GIFs Of The New Doctor Who Swearing. A Lot.

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Peter Capaldi is the new Doctor Who, but his defining role was Malcolm F***ing Tucker. A guide to your new, profane, Doctor.

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The Next ‘Doctor F*ckity Who’ Doctor Is: Peter Capaldi

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The 12th "Doctor Who" Doctor will be played by Peter Capaldi.

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