‘Doctor Who’ Regeneration Review: Welcome To ‘The Pyramid At The End Of The World’

05.27.17 1 year ago

BBC America

The Doctor Who Regeneration Review is a weekly column cataloging all the times Peter Capaldi’s 12th Doctor nearly regenerates, or dies, in the latest episode of BBC America’s popular science fiction show. Since this is the Scottish “cross” character’s final season — a fact the showrunners have enjoyed teasing in the promos — we decided to tease back. Most items are serious, some silly, and all measured with the Doctor’s 💕.

The Doctor is still blind, and after the dour note last week’s “Extremis” ended on, such a handicap seems preferable to the alternative. In “The Pyramid at the End of the World,” life on Earth as everyone in the real world (and not the mummy-like aliens’ simulation) knows it is about to end, and it seems the soon-to-depart Peter Capaldi’s titular character can’t do much about it. Why? Because a whole new, yet again horror-themed enemy devised by outgoing showrunner Steven Moffat has the planet in its grasp.

Of course, the Doctor is going to do everything he can to oppose them, but with their simulations calculated and completed, the invaders possess every advantage. That, and the hero of the story is blind. He’s quite literally blind, but he also cannot see the growing concern Bill Potts (Pearl Mackie) has for him and his more-ornery-than-usual manners as of late. To make matters worse, the Doctor is blind to the fact that, despite humanity’s relative ease at putting all their hopes for salvation from annihilation on him, they have to want to be saved. And not just saved by anyone, but saved by him specifically.

Such is the main crux of the aliens’ (here commonly referred to as “The Monks”) plan, which involves identifying a potential global catastrophe and offering humanity its services in exchange for their “consent.” Not out of fear of death or avoidance of the inevitable, but for the love of their invaders turned saviors. Which is where Bill, the Doctor’s new Rose Tyler-like companion, steps in. “Pyramid” begins and ends with her character and what she desires, the latter of which plays a crucial role in determining the fate of the Earth and the Time Lord’s eyesight.

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