Comments of the Week: Q as in Queue Edition

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All the best from the FilmDrunk comments section, in one handy location.


Loki And His Wolf Son Scheduled The Apocalypse For This Saturday

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Mark your calendars, the Viking apocalypse (Ragnorak) is scheduled for this Saturday. Here's a refresher on what's totally going to happen.


Comments of the Week: Easter Edition

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(<a href="" target="_blank">source</a>) Good morning, Filmdrunkards, a happy Zombie Jesus/Crappy Bread Day to you all.


Comments of the Week

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Pictured: A happy <a href="" target="_blank">Laremy</a> with his <a href="" target="_blank">FilmDrunk shirt</a>.


Comments of the Year

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Many of you have been asking the results of our <a href="" target="_blank">Comments of the Year</a> voting, and I meant to announce them sooner, it's just that the new batch of shirts that I ordered were supposed to be here a few days ago, and they still aren't here.


Comments of the Week: October 2 – 9

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This post may run a little long this week, but only because the FilmDrunkards brought the funny so hard.

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