Eddie Vedder Is Really Pissed That The Sacramento Kings Didn’t Move To Seattle

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During a Pearl Jam show in Oklahoma City last week, Eddie Vedder had some choice, profane words for the fans of the Sacramento Kings.


DeMarcus Cousins’ Big Double-Double Leads Kings Past Suns 107-104

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#GetBoogieCousinsToTheAllStarGame2014. Who's with me?! Don't all answer at once.


NBA Fast Break: Jeff Green Humbles Miami, Kyrie’s Game Winner & Anthony Davis’ Big Night

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Game winners, obese stat lines and trash talk. Just another exciting night in the National Basketball Association.


What To Like And What Not To Like About The NBA’s Pacific Division

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<a href=""></a>Words by <a href="" target="_blank">Bansky</a> It was all good just a week ago.


Hall Of Famer Chris Mullin’s Still Got Mad Game

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Words by <a href="" target="_blank">Bansky</a> They say the shot is the last thing to go, and Hall of Famer Chris Mullin is living proof.


Demarcus Cousins Signs Four-Year, $62M Extension With Kings

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The Shaquille O'Neal/Demarcus Cousins era is officially upon us with the announcement <a href="" target="_blank">Boogie received his wish</a> and re-upped with the team who made him the fifth overall pick in 2010.

Shaquille O'Neal

Shaq, The World’s Most Famous Sacramento Kings Hater, Now Owns Part Of The Sacramento Kings

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Shaquille O'Neal, famous for his hatred of the Sacramento Kings, is now a minority owner of the Sacramento Queens. Sorry, Kings.


NBA Big Man News: Demarcus Cousins Wants To Remain A King, Greg Oden To Choose Heat, Spurs Or Pelicans

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The Kings avoided relocation to Seattle, shipped Tyreke Evans out of town and locked down a new owner, general manager and head coach.

The Maloof Brothers

Sacramento Keeps The Kings And It Only Cost A Record $530M

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The tumultuous marriage between the city of Sacramento and the vagabond Kings franchise - a team that has called Rochester, Cincinnati and Kansas City home - is finally getting ironed out.


Keith Smart Is Also Keith Dexterous, Saves A Kid’s Face

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A heads-up play by Sacramento Kings head coach Keith Smart saved the life of baby Newt Gengrich yesterday.

#Justin Bieber

Here’s What’ll Keep The Kings In Sacramento: ‘Hey Kings Stay Kings! (My Balls)’


Worried about the Sacramento Kings and their impending move to Seattle.


Just Another Dwyane Wade To LeBron James Reverse Alley-Oop

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Having hit somewhat of a pre-All Star break slump, the Miami Heat traveled to Sacramento Saturday night.


Kevin Love Called For Block, DeMarcus Cousins Gets A Charge…At The Same Damn Time

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The NFL replacement refs must have found a temp agency who happened to be looking for fill-ins in the NBA.


On DeMarcus Cousins & His Potential Coming Of Age Season

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A ton of great stories resonated from the NBA this summer.


NBA DRAFT RUMORS: What The Hell Are The Houston Rockets Up To?

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I’m still planning to wait until tomorrow to unleash my incredible, unparalleled NBA Draft Preview on your asses, but I’m pretty happy that the Houston Rockets have finally stirred the pot and created some excitement for us fans of franchises that blow.


The Ups And Downs Of Vince Carter


The two Vince Carter videos you're about to watch, when viewed in succession, can illustrate one of two themes: 1.


Video: Tyler Honeycutt Baptizes Michael Beasley

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For no other reasons than liking their respective games, Tyler Honeycutt and Chandler Parsons were two of my favorite college basketball players last year.


This Stupidity Was Only A Matter Of Time

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I went to my local watering hole yesterday after work to enjoy a few sophisticated beverages before I attended the Orlando Magic game, and the barkeep tuned the image box to SportsCenter, which devoted about 70% of the show to New York Knicks guard Jeremy Lin.

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