Let’s Watch Sheamus Grant A Make-A-Wish Because We Haven’t Cried Over Wrestling Enough

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Here's a video of Sheamus granting a Make-A-Wish for a boy with brain cancer because wrestling does real good things sometimes.


The Boston Bruins Dressed As ‘Frozen’ Characters To Visit Sick Kids, Because Hockey Is Amazing

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Tough guy hockey players in dopey costumes making sick children happy? Yeah, man. It's real and it's awesome.


Elle Woods Makes A Comeback As Reese Witherspoon Records A Video For A Sick ‘Legally Blonde’ Fan

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After receiving an email from the mother of a sick boy who loves 'Legally Blonde,' Reese Witherspoon recorded a very sweet message.


A Las Vegas Bar Made A Really Stupid Joke About The Denver Broncos

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In trying to make fun of the Denver Broncos, a Las Vegas bar ended up insulting sick children and all of their families.


What This Middle School Football Team Did To Support Their Disabled Waterboy Might Make You Weepy

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A middle school football team dressed up like Danny Keefe, their kindergarten waterboy, to show him they love him.


Daniel Bryan Reunited With Stone Crusher, The Kid With Brain Cancer Who Tapped Him Out

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WWE's Daniel Bryan reunited with the kid with brain cancer who tapped him out during a visit last December. Long live the Stone Crusher.


Today's Best News: 8-Year Old Nebraska Cornhusker Jack Hoffman's Cancer Is In Remission


Jack Hoffman, the then-7-year old cancer patient who participated in Nebraska's spring game and ran in a touchdown, found out his cancer is in remission.


A 5-Year Old Meningitis Survivor Got State-of-the-art Running Blades (And They’re Power Rangers-Themed)

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A 5-year old Meningitis survivor got a pair of state-of-the-art running blades to help him walk, and they're Power Rangers-themed.


16-Year Old Shae Stelly Has Muscular Dystrophy & Scored As Many TDs This Week As Arian Foster

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Shae Stelly, a 16-year old with muscular dystrophy, ran in a touchdown for his high school team this week.


Allergy Alert: A 4-Year Old Leukemia Patient Sang ‘God Bless America’ At A Red Sox Game

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4-year old leukemia patient Darla Halloway sang a perfect rendition of 'God Bless America' before Tuesday's Red Sox game. Oh God, my heart!


Memphis QB Jacob Karam Is Our New Favorite Sports Guy

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There's a lot to be said for sports celebrities who take time out of their schedule to visit children's hospitals and give sick kids a little happiness, but there's even more to be said for the ones who really seem to enjoy it, and give the kids a moment that really comes from their heart.

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