Daniel Bryan Reunited With Stone Crusher, The Kid With Brain Cancer Who Tapped Him Out

Last december we shared with you the story of Connor Michalek, a 7-year old with brain cancer who loves WWE, has a pro wrestling alter-ego (“Stone Crusher”) and would rather hang out with popular-on-the-Internet types like Daniel Bryan over popular-with-everyone-else types like John Cena. The Michaleks started a grassroots campaign to get Bryan to visit Connor in the hospital and it worked, culminating in a visit from then-WWE Tag Team Champions Team Hell No and a submission victory for Stone Crusher over the future WWE Champion.

A lot has changed for Bryan since December, but one thing hasn’t — he’s an awesome guy who lives in fear of the kid who can tap him out.

Connor was in attendance when WWE Raw came to the Consol Energy Center in Pittsburgh, PA, last night and featured a main-event of Daniel Bryan teaming up with Cody Rhodes and Goldust to take on The Shield. It ended with Bryan standing over Triple H’s KO’d body chanting “yes” with everyone in the building. On his way out, Bryan stopped to say hi to his friend. Allergy alert.

Thank goodness The Shield had already been beaten up.