Today's Best News: 8-Year Old Nebraska Cornhusker Jack Hoffman's Cancer Is In Remission

Back in April, the Nebraska Cornhuskers pioneered 2013’s “best nice to kids with sports” movement by putting then-7-year old brain cancer patient Jack Hoffman into their spring game and letting him run in a 69-yard touchdown. It started Jack’s roller-coaster ride to stardom that saw him get his own trading card, hang out with President Obama and hanging out at the College World Series. It was there back in June that we found out Jack had finished up his chemo and was leaving his health in God (or whoever’s) hands.

Here’s the good news: God isn’t a total jerk.

This weekend, shared the news that Jack’s 60 weeks of chemotherapy treatments had not only stopped his tumor from growing but also shrank it, and that his pediatric brain cancer is in remission. This kid never stops being amazing.

Andy Hoffman said Friday that he’s “cautiously optimistic” about his son’s prognosis.

“We’re so incredibly thankful that the chemo seems to have done its job, and the tumor is stable. Hopefully, it’s knocked out for good,” he said.

Jack will receive an MRI every three months for one year to monitor his tumor, then twice a year if the scans are clean, and eventually once a year if there is no change. Next week doctors will remove his chemo port, a device under his skin that helped administer chemotherapy treatments.

“He associates getting rid of that chemo port with getting his life back, his little boy life back,” Andy Hoffman said.

This picture was uploaded to the Team Jack Facebook page on Wednesday.

I’m happy for you, Jack, but you’ve got a long road ahead of you. As a Bengals fan, I mean. Cancer can go screw.