The Boston Bruins Dressed As ‘Frozen’ Characters To Visit Sick Kids, Because Hockey Is Amazing

Each year select members of the Boston Bruins visit the Boston Children’s Hospital around Halloween to bring gifts and sign autographs in what they refer to as “reverse trick-or-treating.” This year, the players dressed up as the cast of Frozen, and it’s legitimately fantastic.

If you’re like me and have by some wizardry escaped seeing the film, and can’t tell your Olafs from your…um…other people…here’s a helpful key (from left to right): Kevan Miller is dressed as Kristoff, Matt Fraser is Anna, Matt Bartkowski is Sven the Reindeer, Seth Griffith is Hans, Torey Krug is Olaf the Snowman (I knew there was an Olaf in there somewhere!) and Dougie Hamilton is Elsa, the Snow Queen. Dougie Hamilton might also be my new favourite hockey player.

Watch the video below unless you’re somehow adverse to smiling and being delighted and watching sick kids get to do cool fun stuff. You monster.

[protected-iframe id=”b2b0e5c565d171868ba9a90056bdf843-60970621-20122658″ info=”″ width=”640″ height=”395″ frameborder=”0″]