Patriot Rancher Cliven Bundy Is Back With A Friend And A Message For Those Who Called Him Racist

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Cliven Bundy returns to prove he is a brave white man that isn't afraid to talk about race, even in awkward political ads.


War Machine: The Oppression Of Men Is Worse Than Nazi Germany Or Slavery

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War Machine, recently famous for crippling and trying to murder his girlfriend, thinks men's rights problems are worse than slavery.


Did Benedict Cumberbatch’s Ancestors Own Slaves? Yes, According To NYC Commissioner Stacey Cumberbatch

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NYC Commissioner Stacey Cumberbatch has an unsavory connection to 'Sherlock' star Benedict Cumberbatch.


Ani DiFranco Thought It Was A Good Idea To Hold A Songwriting Retreat. On A Slave Plantation.

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Ani DiFranco found out the hard way that If you're planning on putting together a musical event, a former slave plantation might be a bad idea.

The N word

‘Murica: Students Go On Slavery Re-Enactment Field Trip, Get Called The N-Word, Pick Cotton & Ride A Pretend Slave Ship

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In stupid motherf*cker news, a bunch of stupid motherf*ckers apparently lived out their Django Unchained fantasies on a group of schoolchildren while on a field trip.


Of Course Tito Ortiz Compared The UFC To Slavery. Of Course He Did.

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Tito Ortiz, who is the second highest earning fighter in UFC history, told SI Now that his tenure with the promotion was like slavery.


Kerfuffle Watch: Russell Simmons pulls ‘Harriet Tubman Sex Tape’ amid complaints

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Media mogul, reality TV star, and famous lisp-haver Russell Simmons ith in hot water today, after pulling an attempted comedy video called "Harriet Tubman Sex Tape" from his new YouTube Channel All Def Digital, following complaints from a variety of blogs and even, Simmons says, the NAACP.


Here’s What Charles Barkley Thinks About Abraham Lincoln And Slavery

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Have you ever wondered what Charles Barkley thinks about America's Presidents.


Forgive But Never Forget: Former Slave Pens Letter To Former Plantation Owner

By | 18 Comments

For those of us who watched Roots in school, there's one truth about America and its race relations.


Amazon’s Shipping Warehouses Are Hellish Sweatshops, Apparently

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Do you enjoy buying stuff on the internet from online retail giants like Amazon.


6.21 The Cooler

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4 S's: Sheryl Schwartz Sports Sunday Chemicals in Marijuana Smoke May Harm DNA & Cause Cancer [Forbes] US Senate Apologizes For Slavery [The Root] House Impeaches Texas Judge Accused Of Sex Crimes [CNN] Jim Brown Chastises Tiger Woods For Not Being More Like Jim [...].

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