Tucker Carlson Is SO MAD Juneteenth Is Now A National Holiday Because He Thinks It’s Going To Replace The 4th Of July (Or Something)

If Tucker Carlson had his druthers, America wouldn’t bother to acknowledge that slavery was once a big thing in America and just move on. How else could one explain his fury that legislation to make Juneteenth a federal holiday has been so widely embraced by Democrats and Republicans alike in both the Senate (which unanimously voted to pass the bill) and the House (where only 14 people, all Republicans, voted against it)?

On Wednesday night, the Fox News host and generally terrible human being took some time to complain about Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot, deeming her “America’s Worst Mayor.” But what he was really grumbling about was the idea of Juneteenth—a day that recognizes the liberation of African-Americans in Texas who were purposely not made aware of Abraham Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation and remained enslaved for more than two years after it was outlawed—becoming a federal holiday. (His rant starts at about the 2:50 mark in the video above.)

“Starting this Saturday, our country is getting a new Independence Day to supplant the old one, which people like Lori Lightfoot complained was racist,” Tucker whined. “Not a single member of either party in the Senate opposed it!”

Um, okay.

Tucker seemed especially peeved that John Cornyn, “a supposedly conservative senator from Texas,” co-sponsored the resolution.

Carlson also pretended to be outraged by the increase in Chicago’s murder rate, which is obviously all Lightfoot’s fault, because there were hardly any murders in Chicago before she became mayor. His basic argument seems to be that Lightfoot “has embraced every part of the equity and inclusion agenda” since the death of George Floyd. As a result, Carlson says, “Lightfoot banned the police from chasing criminals, even in the case of some very serious offensives. And her D.A. refuses to prosecute many crimes. The results? Nearly 200 more people have been murdered this year than last. Many more dead people, hundreds.”

He went on to complain about Lightfoot’s plans for Flag Day.

“For Flag Day on Monday—a holiday designed to honor the American flag—Lightfoot is flying something called the ‘Pan African’ flag. It’s now up in city hall. That, and the Juneteenth flag.”

Maybe tonight Tucker will complain about Lightfoot’s plans for Arbor Day?

(Via Mediaite)