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Bacon Medals

Conan And Olympian Sage Kotsenburg Want to Help You Get A ‘Home Refi Mortgage’ Today!


'Conan' isn't done providing some spotlight to Sage Kotsenburg and we're not complaining thanks to hilarious clips like this.

closing ceremony

Russia Manages To Make Fun Of Itself A Bit At The Sochi Closing Ceremonies

By | 4 Comments

Russia makes fun of itself a bit at the closing ceremonies for the Sochi Winter Olympics.

2014 winter olympics

This Reporter In Sochi Just Does Not Want To Try Any Russian Food, Okay?

By | 9 Comments

In this compilation, a Pennsylvania reporter in Sochi for the Winter Olympics is repeatedly asked about Russian food, and he just won't seem to try it.

2014 winter olympics

American Snowboarder Lindsey Jacobellis Is Bringing Home A Puppy From Sochi, Too


In what is becoming the most delightful trend of the 2014 Winter Olympics, snowboarder Lindsey Jacobellis is the latest athlete to adopt a stray Sochi dog.


Bob Costas’ Eyes Are The Latest Casualty Of The Sochi Winter Olympics

By | 18 Comments

Is Bob Costas battling pink eye? Or is he battling a mean case of the munchies?

piers morgan

U.S. Bobsledder Johnny Quinn Is Now Stuck In An Elevator At The Sochi Winter Games

By | 4 Comments

First he was trapped in his own bathroom, now U.S. bobsledder Johnny Quinn is trapped in an elevator. Is this a conspiracy?


Don’t Worry About Security At The Sochi Olympics! Steven Seagal Is On The Case.

By | 10 Comments

Master of the front kick, honorary law man, musician and spiritual guru Steven Seagal appeared on Russia Today to address the security at the Sochi Olympics

Dog Murder

The Sochi Stray Dog Nightmare Continues And Keith Olbermann Raises Some Important Questions For NBC

By | 36 Comments

Keith Olbermann has been really hitting the nail on the head with his Sochi coverage. But tonight he raises a fine point in regards to the media coverage.

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