This Reporter In Sochi Just Does Not Want To Try Any Russian Food, Okay?

Reporter Tim Kelchner has been the Pennsylvania NBC affiliate WBRE’s guy on the spot in Sochi during the 2014 Winter Olympics, and that means that the rest of the crew back here in the boring, old United States has plenty of questions for him. Most notably, the anchors want to know what kind of crazy and unique Russian food items he’s been trying, because the borscht and hot ham water must be so much different from all of the wonderful powdered, deep fried pig asses that we enjoy for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Except, here’s the thing – Tim’s not having any of this Russian cuisine nonsense that people are pushing on him. Thanks to our friends at Funny or Die, here’s a compilation of Tim talking about how all he has been eating is pizza in the American cafeteria and cookies. And if worse comes to worse, he’ll just swing by the McDonald’s, because “you can get a Big Mac wherever you go.” Bon appetit, folks.

And for the record, this is apparently what the line to the McDonald’s looks like in Sochi…