To Pimp A Butterfly

Just How Black Is Kendrick Lamar’s ‘To Pimp A Butterfly’?


Exploring the concept of Blackness through Kendrick Lamar's lyrics on 'To Pimp A Butterfly.'

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Here’s Why Every Songwriter Is Guilty Until Proven Innocent


The courts have song lyrics in their sights, leaving all artists as open targets.

#Jay Z

All The Jay Z Song Lyrics You’ll Ever Need To Get Through Your Hard Knock Life


In celebration of Jay Z's 45th birthday, here some of his song lyrics that can be applied to your life.


This ‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Answer Was So Bad That It Didn’t Even Make Sense


A contestant on 'Wheel of Fortune' should have offered the obvious correct answer, but instead went with something incredibly wrong.

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Jay Z’s Brand Name-Drops By The Numbers


Click here to enlarge If The Game is the king of mentioning other rappers names, then Jay Z owns the championship belt for referencing the most brands in rhymes.

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Care About Frank Ocean’s “Versace” Remix Because He Disses Chris Brown


With a million and one “Versace” remixes littering the Internet, Frank Ocean knew his had to stand out.

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Jay-Z Takes Aim At Lil Wayne On New Song, “La Familia”


Looks like there's at least one set of Magna Carta Holy Grail lyrics worth reading.

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Jay-Z Shares Another Set Of ‘Magna Carta’ Song Lyrics With The Release Of “Heaven” #newrules


After hitting fans off with the "Holy Grail" song lyrics, Jay-Z keeps the #newrules trend going by releasing the words to another Magna Carta cut titled "Heaven.

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Let's Have A Laugh At Misheard Song Lyrics, Shall We?


We've all misheard song lyrics. Let's have a laugh about it!

The iPod Shuffle

The iPod Shuffle – Rick Ross’ “Deeper Than Rap (Lost Intro)”


Seeing as how "Mafia Music" was aggressive enough and a prime example of quintessential Ross, I'm not mad this "lost intro" did not kick things off for The Fat Man's 2009 LP.

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Notable Quotable – Killer Mike On “God In The Building”


Pic swiped from Fresh "It's hot like hell in the South It feel like we like we in the devil's mouth in the South So white boys trippin cause we iced out Cool as a cucumber hoppin' out A '73 Impala with the brains blowed out Let the robbers follow, swear to God Fuck nigga, get your brains blowed out Your baby momma followed or your man shot down I'm from Martin Luther King, respect it it's holy ground Who'd a thought a nigga out a shotgun house Would ever drive a car with an angel that bow I'm the shit 'cause i come from the bowels The guts of the city, ain't a nigga fuckin' wit me Young player from the South, tell stories like Biggie Take the King's English, paint pictures so vivid Make the listener swear to God they lived it If that ain't God in motion, nigga tell me what is it The church ladies weep when they hear ya man speak They say they see God in me, but I'm in the streets They ask me why I'm rappin', tell me I'm called to preach I smile, kiss'em on they honey brown cheeks I tell'em "God bless'em" and they can serve for me But you can never walk on water if you still fear the sea If Jesus came back, Mother, where you think he'd be.

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