The 10 Most Notable Rap Songs That Namedrop Steph Curry

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Stephen Curry is one of the best on the basketball court right now and this isn’t up for debate. We need look no further than his back-to-back MVP titles and his championship ring – perhaps plural soon — to squash any arguments to the contrary. When a player reaches that level of greatness, he begins to inspire others beyond the game and, in Curry’s case, his influence has found its way into song lyrics in countless songs. Rappers want to shoot like Curry, knock their opponents off like him, and do it all so effortlessly just like Golden State’s number one Warrior.

With that in mind, we decided to dig through a handful of rap tracks to highlight the many ways in which artists used Steph’s name, number and nasty skill set in their rhymes. What you’ll find is that his hallowed greatness is becoming the new standard for what it means to be the best, be it on the court or in the booth.

Fat Joe, “All the Way Up (Remix)”

“I just dropped the biggest of checks, and the sh*t cleared
When everybody counted us out just this year
Uh, I’m Steph Curry in the clutch
Take a shot of this Royal Elite and go all the way up”

One of the year’s biggest remixes wouldn’t even be complete if it didn’t call out best player in the game, even if he wasn’t a Knick or a Net.

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