The Man In The High Castle

When Will We See More Of ‘The Man In The High Castle?’

By | 18 Comments

'The Man In The High Castle' is heading to series... but when will we see more of it?

aka jessica jones

Hellcat, One Of Marvel’s More Unusual Characters, Has Been Cast In ‘AKA Jessica Jones’

By | 12 Comments

Rachael Taylor plays a character with a history as long as Captain America... and substantially stranger.


Clear A Spot On Your Couch: Amazon To Stream ‘Transparent’ For Free On Saturday

By | 3 Comments

In a generous move, Amazon will stream its Golden Globe-winning series 'Transparent' free for 24 hours this Saturday.


‘Powers’ Gets A Release Date And A Poster

By | 6 Comments

'Powers,' after years in the works, finally arrives.

The Man In The High Castle

Why You Need To Watch Amazon’s ‘The Man In The High Castle’

By | 16 Comments

'The Man In The High Castle' turns a great novel into a better TV show.


Guillermo Del Toro’s Next TV Series Is A Steampunk Vampire Story Titled ‘Carnival Row’

By | 7 Comments

Steampunk? Fairies? Vampires? That doesn't sound like Guillermo Del Toro at all, but here he is, producing 'Carnival Row' anyway.


Watch Two Episodes Of The Completely Insane ‘Japanese Spider-Man’

By | 5 Comments

Yes, 'Japanese Spider-Man' is real. And it's spectacular!

Sling TV

Everything You Need To Know About Sling TV, Dish’s Attempt To Turn Cable Into Netflix

By | 13 Comments

Ready for cable without cable? Here's what you need to know about Sling TV.


‘Daredevil’s Showrunner Tells Us The One Character We Definitely Won’t See, And More

By | 19 Comments

The new Netflix series starring Daredevil will be leaving out a major character... but which one?

streaming video

Can Sony Replace Your Cable With A PlayStation?

By | 3 Comments

Sony is about to get into the cable business, in a big way. But will it work?


‘Mystery Science Theater 3000′ Is Releasing More New Episodes On Vimeo

By | 13 Comments

Vimeo has sewn up the rights to the most important TV series in human history, 'Mystery Science Theater 3000.'


Guess What Netflix Thinks Of The Comcast-Time Warner Merger?

By | 5 Comments

Wondering what Netflix thinks of the Comcast-Time Warner merger? Their petition to the FCC should tell you all you need to know.


Not Even Sony Knows Who’s Buying All These PS4s

By | 15 Comments

The PS4 is selling faster than possibly any other game console... but nobody, including Sony, knows who's buying it.

hbo go

HBO Go Wants To Fight Netflix For Streaming Supremacy

By | 6 Comments

HBO Go and Netflix might finally get into it, after dancing around each other for years.


Why The Supreme Court Just Killed Aereo: An Explainer

By | 19 Comments

The Supreme Court killed Aereo, but the networks shouldn't celebrate yet.

streaming video

Which HBO Shows Are Now On Amazon Prime?

By | 18 Comments

HBO comes to Amazon Prime in a big way today. Here's what's available... and what's oddly missing.


Netflix Plans To Improve Its Interface By Reading Your Mind

By | 8 Comments

Netflix plans to free you from choice by figuring out what you want to watch before you want to watch it.

streaming video

Hollywood Wants To Defeat Netflix With A ‘Pay By The Inch’ Plan Based On The Size Of Your Screen

By | 15 Comments

Hollywood thinks you'll happily return to buying movies if they just price them by the inch.

xbox one

Ranking The New XBox One TV Shows

By | 2 Comments

The Xbox One is getting a lot of TV shows... and some of them might actually be good!

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