Why The Supreme Court Just Killed Aereo: An Explainer

By | 19 Comments

The Supreme Court killed Aereo, but the networks shouldn't celebrate yet.

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Which HBO Shows Are Now On Amazon Prime?

By | 18 Comments

HBO comes to Amazon Prime in a big way today. Here's what's available... and what's oddly missing.


Netflix Plans To Improve Its Interface By Reading Your Mind

By | 8 Comments

Netflix plans to free you from choice by figuring out what you want to watch before you want to watch it.

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Hollywood Wants To Defeat Netflix With A ‘Pay By The Inch’ Plan Based On The Size Of Your Screen

By | 15 Comments

Hollywood thinks you'll happily return to buying movies if they just price them by the inch.

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Ranking The New XBox One TV Shows

By | 2 Comments

The Xbox One is getting a lot of TV shows... and some of them might actually be good!

TV Shows

AT&T Is Going To Start Producing Its Own TV Shows For You To Stream

By | 2 Comments

AT&T is getting into the streaming video game, and yes, they'll be producing new TV shows.


Yahoo! Wants To Start Developing TV Shows Of Its Own


Yahoo! is making its own TV shows because, uh, other companies are doing it.


Microsoft Wants The Xbox One To Be The Next Netflix

By | 6 Comments

Microsoft believes the Xbox One can take on Netflix. Well, it can try, we suppose.


Here’s Everything You Need To Know About The New Amazon Fire TV

By | 13 Comments

The Amazon Fire TV is a fairly impressive gadget... but should you upgrade?


Apple And Comcast Might Be Teaming Up For Streaming Video

By | 2 Comments

Comcast and Apple may be teaming up for a new cable box. Well, provided they can agree on anything.


Europe Gets ‘Better Call Saul’ First, And Other Things You Need To Know From Netflix’s Earnings Call

By | 9 Comments

Netflix had a massive earnings call yesterday, full of interesting tidbits. Among them, when you'll get to stream 'Better Call Saul'.


Why Verizon Buying Intel’s Internet TV Project Is Bad News

By | 3 Comments

Verizon has bought Intel's attempt to change cable television... and that means cable television isn't changing.

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The PS4 Wants To Stream Not Just Games, But Also TV

By | 14 Comments

The PS4 wants to replace your TiVo... and possibly your Aereo subscription. And definitely your GameFly subscription.

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The Watch ABC App Would Be Great, If It Weren't Hopelessly Crippled

By | 9 Comments

Want to watch ABC on your phone? You can! If you have a cable subscription! And live in a handful of cities! And can eat this entire can of bait!

xbox one

The Xbox One And Sports Streaming: A Preview

By | 11 Comments

Gamma Squad recently got to look at the Xbox One's sports streaming capabilities, through ESPN and the NFL. They're impressive... but enough to sell systems?


Netflix Launches Profiles, “Instant Queue” Becomes “My List”

By | 18 Comments

Netflix has been making a lot of changes as of late to keep up with their growing popularity.


Amazon Is Testing Its Own Massive Wireless Network

By | 3 Comments

Amazon might want to be your cellphone provider... or at least give all your Amazon devices free 3G, though its own wireless network.


Viacom And Sony Just Sounded Cable TV’s Death Knell

By | 10 Comments

Viacom will be streaming cable channels straight to your Sony set-top box. And that means cable is officially screwed.

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Aereo Is Coming To Miami, Houston And Dallas Next Month

By | 2 Comments

Aereo is, despite the network's fervent hopes, not going away.

time warner cable

How To Get Around Time Warner Cable’s Blackout Of CBS

By | 42 Comments

CBS is blacked out on Time Warner Cable. Want to watch it anyway? Here's how.

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