Guillermo Del Toro’s Next TV Series Is A Steampunk Vampire Story Titled ‘Carnival Row’

Jaguar PS /

Guillermo Del Toro has permanently won our hearts with movies that use fable and myth to discuss important moments of the human condition, and also movies we actually watch like Pacific Rim. And, because Del Toro never has enough projects, he’s now making a TV series that sounds like all his visual obsessions in one big pile: Carnival Row, a story set in a steampunk Victorian London where fairies are being killed by a vampire.

No, really. If that sounds a bit familiar, that’s because it’s been in development hell for a decade. The script by Travis Beacham, originally a feature film Del Toro was developing, was also looked at by Neil Jordan and Tarsem Singh before being rewritten as a limited series for Amazon Instant Video.

Beacham has since gone on to bigger things, like writing Pacific Rim and, er, Hieroglyph, which Fox actually took straight to series and then canceled before airing an episode. Del Toro will supposedly get started on the series once he finishes tweaking Crimson Peak, his upcoming horror film.

That said, we’ve heard this before when it comes to Del Toro. Remember his stop motion Pinocchio movie with songs by Nick Cave? Or Monster, his pilot for HBO? So we’ll believe it when it starts streaming. But, hey, he managed to get The Strain on screens, and this has been a passion project for him, so maybe he’ll follow through on this one. Provided he’s not distracted by his Silent Hills work or the Pacific Rim sequel. Or the second season of The Strain. Or that DC Comics movie he was working on. Or…