Werner Herzog, The Internet’s Favorite Filmmaker, Gets A Career Retrospective In This Exclusive Trailer

Werner Herzog is a towering filmmaker, a master of both narrative films and documentaries, and one whose dry sense of humor has somehow made him the internet’s favorite filmmaker. Nobody asks Steven Soderbergh’s his opinions on Pokemon Go or casts Jean-Luc Godard to do a guest shot on Parks and Recreation. The result is that a good chunk of the populace is more familiar with the man than the filmmaker, something streaming service MUBI is hoping to address.

MUBI streams just thirty handpicked titles on any given day: Every day, one leaves the service and a new movie is added. The next five weeks will see MUBI turning the spotlight on Herzog in celebration of his new film, in which he turns the camera on the medium that loves him with Lo and Behold: Reveries of the Connected World. And the trailer above features some of his best-known features, many of which starred Klaus Kinski. Herzog and Kinski were a cinematic odd couple; Kinski famously attacked Herzog more than once, and Herzog, in 1999, made a documentary about his friend/enemy called My Best Fiend. Despite their relationship, you can see why they worked so well in every frame. They were obsessives, as even just one shot of Fitzcarraldo, a movie about a man who loves opera so much he drags a boat over a mountain, can tell you. That film winds out the series, which also includes Herzog’s remake of Nosferatu, Woyzeck, Stroszek, and Heart of Glass. For old fans and those who just know Herzog as a source for memes, this is a fine opportunity to catch up.