A Shoe Store Employee Refused To Rat Out An LSU Football Player And Went To Jail As A Result

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This man isn't a snitch. This man refuses to rat out an LSU football player. Geaux Tigers!

girl scouts

Here’s The Wild Story Of A Man Who Allegedly Tried To ‘Cookiejack’ Some Girl Scouts

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Listen, I don't get worked up about too many things but dammit, YOU DO NOT STEAL COOKIES FROM GIRL SCOUTS.


Meet The Florida Teen Who Had Sex With A Stuffed Horse In Walmart’s Bedding Department

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Does this look like a man who would have sex with a stuffed horse and then make a huge mess by putting it back on the shelf?


Joseph Randle Of The Dallas Cowboys Has Been Arrested For Shoplifting Underwear And Cologne

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If you were making a half-million dollars, what would you steal from a department store. Cowboys RB Joseph Randle went for the underwear.


Worst Stoner Ever Traded A $160K Diamond For Just $20 Worth Of Weed

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Walter Earl Morrison stole the pricey diamond from an airport and then proceeded to trade it for pot.


Florida Man Fakes A Break-In So He Could Skip Going To His Crappy Job


Instead of going to work, a Florida man staged a break-in of his own house. Sounds like too much work.


Man Wakes To Armed Police Officers At His Door Due To A Really Unfortunately Placed Tattoo

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What could this man possibly have done to warrant state police waking him with a megaphone, backed up by troopers with assault rifles? Something stupid, you can bet on that!


If You’re Going To Rob A Music Store, First Make Sure The Owner Isn’t A Cage Fighter

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A music store owner caught a guy trying to steal from him and when he pulled a knife, the owner's cage fighter instincts and he put him to sleep.


Girl Brags About A Hit And Run On Twitter, Justice Is Swiftly Delivered

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A girl in Norwich, England bragged on Twitter about running over a cyclist before people reported her to the police and notified her employer.


'Find My iPad' App Leads Police Tracking Stolen iPad To 780 Pounds of Meth


It's an axiom that rich people do not frivolously spend their money, but rather hang onto it.


Condoms: Our Versatile Newsmaker

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As science progresses and doctors and lab rats find new and interesting ways for us to become immortal daywalkers, we also see great advancement in the world of birth control.

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