If You’re Going To Rob A Music Store, First Make Sure The Owner Isn’t A Cage Fighter

A would-be thief named Shawn Frazier is probably feeling pretty stupid today, as this surveillance footage of his attempted robbery of Tom’s Music Store in Red Lion, Pennsylvania has hit the local news circuit and isn’t likely something that his family would show off on the holidays. After the store’s owner, Thomas Anderton, noticed the man helping himself to a five-finger discount on several items, he confronted Frazier, who then pulled out a knife. That’s when Frazier found out the hard way – or fun way, for us – that while Anderton might look like a typical hipster record shop owner, he’s also a trained cage fighter.

Night night, bro.

Anderton said “I hit him in the face, got the knife off him and basically just restrained him till the cops got here.”

“I went to get the rest of the stuff in his pocket and when I did that, that’s when he pulled the knife out. And it was a big knife and that’s when it was on right there.” Anderton’s cage fighting skills kicked in.

With the help of a few other customers he landed a hit to Frazier’s face and took his knife away. Anderton went on to say “I was just holding him more than anything until the end and then I just choked him, he just went out for a couple of seconds, went unconscious for a couple of seconds and then after that he was pretty relaxed.” (Via Fox 43)

First of all, good for Anderton. I always love a good story about some schmuck trying to pull off a crime, only to get his ass kicked for his efforts. But more importantly, I won’t knock a guy for owning a music store – especially when he can kick my ass – but who robs a music store these days? That is like the most hipster thing in the world. “No bro, I don’t illegally download music, okay? I still steal my CDs directly from the store.” Frazier is basically every hapless criminal in every crime comedy movie ever made. He’s Steve Zahn in Out of Sight, but without the good idea to steal diamonds.