stupid rules

Here’s The NFL’s Explanation Of The Calvin Johnson Rule And Why Dez Bryant’s Touchdown Didn’t Count

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Here is a complete explanation of the Calvin Johnson rule and why Dez Bryant's touchdown for the Cowboys didn't count.


A Stupid Rule Is Keeping An Adorable Dog From Running For Mayor In Texas

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A man was trying to get his Westie on the ballot for the mayoral election in Irving, Texas, but some anti-dog rules are keeping it from happening.


The IOC Has Ordered America’s Women’s Hockey Goalie To Remove ‘We The People’ From Her Helmet

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The IOC forced America's Women's Hockey goalie Jessie Vetter to remove 'We the People' from her helmet because it violated propaganda rules.

stupid rules

Brett Gallant And Krys Barch Found A Loophole In The New NHL Helmet Rule

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Brett Gallant and Krys Barch found a loophole in the new NHL helmet rule by simply taking off one another's helmets before fighting. Smart, and adorable!


Exceedingly Stupid FAA Regulations Involving Electronics May Finally Be Revisited


As we all know, with the possible exception of Alec Baldwin, you're not supposed to use electronic devices on a plane during taxiing, landing, or takeoff.

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