NBC’s Best Olympic Analyst… How About Donna From ‘Parks & Rec’?

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NBC has received a metric ton of crap and hell for the network’s 2012 Summer Olympics coverage, and we haven’t really touched on that too much, because it’s like picking on the fat kid in dodgeball (writes the former fat kid in dodgeball).


She’s Ganna Make It, She’s Ganna Make It, She … Didn’t Make it


The best part of this video is that she doesn't even fail the way you're expecting to.


People Think Team USA Picked On Nigeria

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Make no mistake about it, Team USA handled the Nigerian Men’s Basketball team with humiliating authority yesterday, as Carmelo Anthony set a new team record with 37 points, and the entire team set world records with 156 points and 29 3-pointers.


Don’t Ever Grow Up, Internet: The Very Best Olympic Pooping Diver Photoshops

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Yesterday, the above picture popped up on this Reddit thread (or possibly here first, according to Internet police) with a series of other divers photoshopped on the toilet, and quite frankly I’ve never been so proud of the Internet.


Watch Out For Chinese Panda Bears And Their Giant Steroid Syringes

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We share a lot of NMA World Edition's ridiculously animated, absurdist news recap videos, but their latest (about world record Olympic swimmer Ye Shiwen) brings up an interesting question of how Asian and Pacific Island nations view each other, and whether or not cultural or racial prejudices get in the way of objective reporting.


Tweets Come To Life: What If The Best #RejectedOlympicEvents Were Real?

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This morning marked the first time in three days that I logged into Twitter and didn’t see #RejectedOlympicEvents trending, and that’s a very good thing.

#video games

In Honor Of The 2012 Olympic Games, Here’s An Unnecessarily Detailed Review of ‘Caveman Games’ From 1988


It's time to celebrate the opening of 2012 Olympic Summer Games with a review of the 1988 "classic" video game, Caveman Games...


Whatcha Got Down There, David Beckham?

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For international super duper soccer star, model and Burger King spokesman David Beckham, his most recent Los Angeles Galaxy game may have been the most important of his life.


The Carmelo Anthony Lionel Richie Parody: Way Better Than ‘Dancing On The Ceil-Lin’

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They should play this on SportsCenter and have Michael Ian Black and Mo Rocca just say sarcastic sh*t about it the whole time.


China Proved That Hosting The Olympics Is $50 Billion Dollars Well Spent

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For longer than I’ve lived in Central Florida, there’s been this quiet optimism that there could one day be a Summer Olympics right in Mickey Mouse’s back yard.


The 2012 Summer Olympics Are Already Ruined

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I’ve always agreed with the popular belief that the Super Bowl should be regularly held in San Diego or Miami, because the weather is awesome and people would enjoy it more.


Ignore That Olympic Torch And Check Out These Morning Links


British police have been intensely training this week for scenarios in which people might try to steal the Olympic torch during its famous relay leading up to the 2012 Summer Olympics in London.

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