NBC’s Best Olympic Analyst… How About Donna From ‘Parks & Rec’?

08.06.12 6 years ago 3 Comments

NBC has received a metric ton of crap and hell for the network’s 2012 Summer Olympics coverage, and we haven’t really touched on that too much, because it’s like picking on the fat kid in dodgeball (writes the former fat kid in dodgeball). NBC has become the television equivalent of that 30-something bro who goes back to his frat’s formal every year because “It’s f*cking epic, dude!” and because he can’t move on from the glory days and try to lead a better life. Hence, the network, desperate to find success in the sitcom market, has chosen to destroy the current Thursday night lineup up 30 Rock, Parks & Rec, and Community that we obviously love so much, in favor of… Guys with Kids. Woo.

But I’ll leave the TV bashing to our weird stepbrothers over at Warming Glow. As for the Olympics, I’ve been just as frustrated as the rest of the blogosphere, because I’m a social media brat and NBC is my conservative grandfather. Basically, the network chose to ignore that every event was being aired live all over the planet, but executives felt Americans are too stupid to follow in real time, so they’ve repackaged events that already happened – and were already spoiled on Twitter – to make it seem like they were better and more dramatic than they actually were.

Alas, in a sea of NBC’s wretched filth, I have found the network’s shining Olympic star. No, it’s not the excellent Michelle Beadle. It’s Retta, who plays Donna on Parks & Rec.

If you don’t follow the one-named actress, who plays one of the most grossly-underused characters on TV, you’re missing out on Twitter comedy gold. I wasn’t aware of her hilarity until someone showed me her “argument” with Community’s Yvette Nicole Brown about their love of True Blood’s Joe Manganiello. But her Olympic antics have been so much more amazing.

Here’s a quick sample of her Tweets…

And that’s just three. But she also live Tweets True Blood and Suits, and both are equally hilarious. However, it’s her Olympic videos that had me cracking up yesterday. Warning for language, but these make me want to be Retta’s best friend.

Uh did anyone see the Russian try to give McKayla Maroney a hug and the double kiss & M Squared was not havin’ it?

LOLOLOL!!! Please peep the shade Sharapova is giving Serena on the medal stand. She must not have liked the crip walk!


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