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Beyond The Konami Code: 10 Classic Gaming Cheats You’ll Wish You Knew As A Kid

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Think you know all the secrets from your favorite 8-bit games? Here's a few you'll kick yourself for missing.


Check Out Nintendo’s Charming Response To An 11-Year-Old’s Pitch For Super Mario Bros. 4

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Back in 1990 a kid tried to get Mario 4 off the ground. Here's Nintendo's response.

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Here Are Some Fascinating Facts About ‘The Wizard’ For Its 25th Anniversary

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'The Wizard' turns 25 today... so let's celebrate with some fascinating facts!

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GammaSquad’s 50 Best-Looking Games Of All Time (#20 – #11)

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Gamma Squad's countdown of the best-looking games of all time continues, with #20 through #11!

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Super Mario Beads


A beaded Mario goes on an impressive suburban stop-motion adventure.


Fan-Made New Super Mario Bros. 3 Looks Seizure-Inducing (Video)


Being the smug narcissist that I am, I can't even get through tying my own shoes without stopping mid knot to congratulate myself on what a fine job I'm doing -however, every now and then even I realize just how under accomplished I really am; after reading about this fan-made New Super Mario Bros.

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