This Can’t End Well: ‘Akira’ Predicted Japan Hosting The 2020 Olympics

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The classic 1988 anime AKIRA predicted Japan hosting the 2020 Olympics after a massive disaster. Quick, somebody check under the new Olympic stadium.


Of Course Japan Has A Poop-Powered Motorcycle


As bloggers and humor writers, we like to joke around a lot about the differences between American pop culture and the styles and fads of our friends in Japan.


Nike Vs. Japan’s Homeless

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<a href=""> Your preconceived notions about Tokyo, Japan and its inhabitants probably allow you to believe everyone is a technical wiz with a six-figure salary and leases a new Honda at the top of each year. But the financial crisis (or recession as Americans coined it), is a global surge and Japan's biggest city is not exempt to the hardships. But the billion dollar boys over at Nike have stepped in with a solution to increase revenue flow--or have they stepped in where they're not wanted? Secretly aligning with the local government, <a href="">Nike</a> has reached an agreement with the local government to turn Miyashita Park, a known area for homeless citizens, into a state-of-the-art skate park that is sure to attract national attention.

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