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Fox Has Suffered A Setback With The ‘Avatar’ Clothing Line

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The Trademark Trial and Appeals Board determined that Fox's Pandorapedia name for an Avatar clothing line was too close to another company's name.


‘Half-Life 3′ Trademark Applications Filed By Valve, Development Team Names Leaked

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Valve has filed a trademark application for both the title 'Half-Life 3' and their Half-Life symbol, and the names of their development team have leaked.


We Have Some Bad News For Drake Regarding The YOLO Wars

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Last month, Cajun Boy brought us the news that rapper/eyebrow farmer <a href="">Drake was growing rather concerned that retail stores were capitalizing on the phrase “You Only Live Once” or YOLO</a>, which Drake believes that he made popular with his 2011 hit <a href="">“The Motto”</a>.


The National Pork Board Will Have None of Your Unicorn Shenanigans

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The National Pork Board, who were clever enough to cybersquat on <a href=""></a> and await the lucrative porn site buyout, have found something to keep them occupied in the meantime: sending out ridiculous cease and desist letters.

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