Introducing ‘Fapworthy,’ PornHub’s Site That Puts Upworthy Titles On Porn Clips

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The clever folks at PornHub finally answered the question of what it might look like if a porn site used Upworthy headlines.


The Worst Punt Ever Will Blow Your Mind. What Happens Next Will Give You Two Points.

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The new choice for Worst Punt Ever goes to Joel Maddock of Arizona Western and this kick that scores two points (for the opposing team).


This Team Didn’t Like An Umpire’s Call. What Happens Next Will Hit You In The Face With A Softball.

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A girls' softball team got together and decided to bean an ump in the face in protest of a bad call that walked in a run, which is … uh, sportsmanship?


Is ‘Boardwalk Empire’ Ending Because Paz de la Huerta Shaved Her Vagina On Set? The Truth May Shock You.

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An anonymous source reveals that 'Boardwalk Empire' may end after next season, and provided some colorful stories about Michael Pitt and Paz de la Huerta.

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