Which Cable News Network Is Tweeting Upworthy-Style About Rape & Murder? The Answer May Not Shock You.

The Jeff Zuckerization of CNN appears to be charging full-speed ahead. Now their social media team appears to be mimicking Upworthy’s widely mocked (though sadly successful) headline writing style.

The rape tweet above even brought condemnation from Upworthy editor Adam Mordecai, who told Think Progress the following…

“Everyone keeps copying us as though every piece of content can or should be treated equally…The curiosity gap is just a tool, and one that should be used strategically and tastefully. The casualness of that tweet makes it twice as appalling. It’s not surprising that rape is so prevalent, it’s disturbing and alarming that it’s prevalent all over the country. A surprise is for birthdays. Not this.”

Stop, CNN. Just f*cking stop. You deserve a giant, wooden cock on the hood of your car for this.

(Via Mediaite)