This Team Didn’t Like An Umpire’s Call. What Happens Next Will Hit You In The Face With A Softball.

(Headline inspired by Upworthy.)

I can’t decide whether this is a sorrowful statement on the state of modern sportsmanship or the kind of thing you fist pump about, so I’ll let you decide.

Our friends over at Next Impulse shared this clip of an UMPIRE INCIDENT from an October girls’ softball game between the Cal Cruisers and Minors Gold. The short version of the story: the Cruisers didn’t like a call, so they hatched a plot to blast the umpire in the face with a fastball. What you see in the photo is the catcher bailing, and a high-speed softball ricocheting off the ump’s head.

Check it out in full:

The sports fan point of view is that umpires are the ENEMY, right? So it’s occasionally great to see them get a pair of cleats to the face or a bounce pass to the balls. The decent point of view seems to be, “you are pretty horrible for purposely throwing a fastball at somebody’s face because you don’t like their call” and a huffy-puffy demand for ejections and consequences.

I’m just sorta wondering how she had the accuracy to hit a guy between the eyes but couldn’t keep it in the strike zone. What do you think? Let us know down in the comments. If you didn’t like this video, please do not attack us on purpose.