Least Surprising Internet Thing Today: Madonna’s Brit Awards Fall Got The RKO Treatment

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Madonna fell down at the Brit Awards, and the Internet was RKO'ing her before she hit the ground.

more cowbell

This Dog Can’t Get Enough Cowbell In This Rendition Of ‘Don’t Fear The Reaper’

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Maple the Golden Retriever here has a fever and there's only one cure ... MORE COWBELL.


Chris Paul’s Humpty Dance Is The Best Dance Of The NBA Season

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Chris Paul broke out into a humpty dance and we can't stop laughing.


#OVOCena Is The John Cena And Drake Mashup That Will Complete Your Life

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John Cena is on his worst behavior. Motherf*ckers never loved him.

Best Vines

This Girl’s Cat Does Not Appreciate Her Rendition Of ‘Buy You A Drank’

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This cat does everyone a very important public service by making the singing stop.


Watch This Girl Take A Cake To The Face So Hard You’ll Actually Feel It Yourself

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This girl tried to smash a cake in a guy's face but he manages to turn it around on her and get her HARD.

#Golden Globes

‘The Today Show’ Brought Their Awkward 360° Vines To The Golden Globes

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They're wonderful, fabulous, and as awkward as you'd expect. As always, Al Roker remains fabulous.


This Cocky LSU Fan Is All About That Thug Life And We Need To Get Out Of Her Way

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There was a thug in the Bayou yesterday and you don't mess with a thug in Cajun Country.


Watch Jameis Winston Get RKO’d From Outta Nowhere In Today’s Best Explanation For That Rose Bowl Fumble

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Jameis Winston and FSU lost the Rose Bowl in tremendous fashion, and here's Randy Orton to explain why.


Florida Lost A Basketball Game In The Most Heartbreaking Fashion Imaginable


Everyone pour some out for Jacob Kurtz tonight for this awful blooper.


Jim Harbaugh’s Tenure At Michigan Almost Got Off To A Disastrous Start

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Jim Harbaugh almost tripped as he was introduced as Michigan head coach.


Please Enjoy The 50 Best Sports Vines Of 2014

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Here are the most Vines of the sports world in 2014.

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