Check Out This Week’s Best College Football GIFs And Vines

Things didn’t look all that exciting heading into Week 2 of the college football season. Sure, there was a top 10 matchup between Oregon and Michigan State, and those two teams are fun to watch. But beyond that there were a lot of stinkers, including an FCS team taking on an SEC powerhouse.

As the day went on, things got spicy when the Notre Dame and Virginia game came down to the wire and Arkansas fought for SEC pride against Toledo. And oh yeah, that aforementioned FCS-SEC game had a most intriguing finish.

Take a look at some of the funniest GIFs and Vines from the day’s action.

“Good Gawd Almighty.” -Jim Ross, probably

Sad Virginia fan is the absolute saddest.

FSU’s Davin Cook morphs into Super Mario with a star.

He’s all head and legs, no torso

You’ll be shocked to learn that college students do stupid things

Florida’s doing that thing where they tackle each other again.

That’s not the kind of sack we were looking for sir.

Uncle Verne would have been a great WWE announcer.

Jim Harbaugh is a maniac.

Jim McElwain freak out.

That’s my ball!

BYU won on a Hail Mary…AGAIN.

Wait, what?

And just like that, Notre Dame’s title chances took a huge hit.

This needs “Yakety Sax.”