Check Out This Week’s Best NFL GIFs And Vines

On Feb. 1, the Patriots beat the Seahawks in Super Bowl XLIX. It was a thrilling finish, an improbable interception at the goal line by New England’s Malcolm Butler. And that should have been the lasting image for the season: Butler cutting off Ricardo Lockette on a perfectly timed defensive play.

Instead, we were treated to seven months of bullsh*t, seven months of Deflategate nonsense that clouded an otherwise great season. Even if you hate the Patriots with every fiber of your being, even if you think they are the lowest of the low, an organization that bends the rules at every chance, the whole thing was garbage. It turned fans away from the most beautiful game, a violent sport some of us watch with great anticipation every week.

So, let’s get beyond the shenanigans of Roger Goodell, Tom Brady and the Patriots’ massive ego and enjoy some real, actual football.

Here now are the best GIFS and Vines from Week 1 of the NFL season.

Travis Kelce with the TD celebration of the week.

Gimme that!

Your early candidate for catch of the year.

That time Tony Romo made a business decision.

Potential NFL Rookie of the Year Tyler Lockett with a return touchdown.

Ah nuts!

Going kamikaze into the end zone is no way to go through life, Josh McCown.

Which immediately led to this for backup QB Johnny Manziel.

Is this sports?

Now this is how you taunt on a pick-six.

Is that good? Because that looks good.

Cards baby is a good sports baby.

Eli face will never, ever get old.

Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Jay Cutler.

Come on, guys. Who did this? Childish.