Meet Rachel, The Nice Lady From New York Who Tries To Explain Why She’s Camping At An Apple Store

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Sam Roberts interviewed people camping out to buy an Apple iPhone 5 in front of an Apple store in New York City. Rachel is our favorite.


SNIKT! Wannabe Wolverine Allegedly Attacks Best Friend For Allegedly Doing His Mom

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Wolverine claws, best friends fighting over the hotness of a mom, the mom trying to break up the fight, Utah... this story has everything!


Porn Addict Caught Breaking Into Houses To View Porn


Whatever happened to buying magazines at the gas station and ducking into the restroom?


Friday Nightmares Starring: The Giant New Zealand Weta

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So you know how earlier today you were concerned about those unpaid parking tickets and your winter heating bill.


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Hate Fast Food, Rob Wisconsin Wendy’s


Growing up, I always admired the way that the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles never used handguns in any of their battles (despite what their marketing campaign may reflect).


Portal 2 Would Like To Offend You, Orphans

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Arguably, there's an infinite number of things that could probably upset the fine residents of North Carolina.


A Weekend Chock-Full Of Fail


Of Course We're Starting With Florida A woman in Florida crashed her SAAB into the Adrian Fernandez Insurance office in Tampa.


All The Weird News You Can Shake An Enormous Bra At


A lawn mower race erupted in violence this week when a man on a large lawnmower bumped into a smaller lawnmower after reaching the finish line.


Farmville: So Good You’ll Kill Your Child For Interrupting

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Just when I'd started to regain some amount of faith in humanity, right on schedule, a news story comes along that registers a solid 11 on the disturbing-as-hell scale.


Batman Exists And He Robbed A McDonald’s, Also Drives A Honda

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Congratulations, if you've already read that headline it means now that basically you're an official member of the Belmont Police Department, because that's pretty much all the info that they've got on their latest case.


Hooligan Hulk & Gang Go On Real Life Rampage

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Pop quiz, hotshot: what do you get when you mix a bunch of U.

death to farmville

Throw Another Video Game Scare Story Onto the Pile


Every six months or so, a story will come along that's pretty tragic and somehow involves a nerd pastime, like a couple who were found living in a filthy trailer covered in Starlog magazine with a son who spoke only Klingon.


No Fort Gays Allowed In Xbox Live's Fort

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Josh Moore of Fort Gay, West Virginia had his Xbox Live account suspended for having "fort gay WV" listed as his location.


Strip Clubs, Barebacking, and Bro Rape. Just Another Monday At Uproxx

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The Mons Venus strip club in Tampa, Florida is being sued by a paraplegic man who alleges the club violates the Americans With Disabilities Act by having no wheelchair ramps, a hostess stand too far off the ground, and an inaccessible bathroom and jukebox, among other violations.

Danger Room

More Real Life Superheroes AKA People Who Are About To Get Shot

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While this won't be the <a href="http://www.uproxx.com/gammasquad/2010/07/real-life-kick-ass-prefers-to-be-called-the-viper">first time</a> you've heard of regular people dressing up like actual superheroes and walking around town talking hentai attempting to fight crime, this will be the first time you hear about it from someone who's listening to Whitney Houston's I Will Always Love You as they report it.


Zombie Car Crash Confuses Paramedics

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Toonces the Zombie Cat Last Friday night, a bunch of hipsters (I would assume, because this happened in Portland) were dressed as zombies on their way to a party when they flipped their car on I84 outside downtown Portland.

Grand Theft Auto

Massachusetts Juveniles Suck At GTA, Suck More At Actual GTA

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If I had to pick a single life lesson to take away from all my countless hours of Grand Theft Auto that I've played, I'd have to argue that the whole "killing a hooker to get your money back" thing was quite poignant.


Real Life Kick-Ass Prefers To Be Called The Viper

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20 year old chemistry and art major and comic book nerd Christian Tyler Hardee was stopped by police at 12:30 a.

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