A Woman Allegedly Stabbed Her Boyfriend In The Groin Because He ‘Ate All Of The Salsa’

Phyllis Jefferson, the 50-year-old Ohio woman in the above mugshot, was sharing some chips and salsa with her boyfriend on Sunday afternoon, when her boo finished all of the salsa. Ugh! Men can be such pigs, am I right? Instead of just sending her boyfriend to the store to get more salsa, however, she instead elected to allegedly stab him in the groin with a pen.

It sounds like all hell broke loose, according to NBC News:

She then tried to knock over his TV, and he had to catch it from falling, the police report said. As he watched TV, Jefferson retrieved a small kitchen knife and stabbed Buckner in the stomach, according to the report.

Jefferson fled the scene before police arrived but she was later apprehended on an interstate highway. After her arrest, Jefferson told detectives that she had stabbed her boyfriend because “she wanted to leave,” according to the report. She has been charged with felonious assault and criminal damaging, police said.

Did she stab him because he ate the salsa, or did she stab him because she wanted to leave? Get your story straight, lady! In either case, neither of these are reasonable reasons to stab your boyfriend. And I say this as a person who once actually hung up the phone on my husband when he mistakenly took my leftover sandwich to work with him. Salsa, no… Leftover sandwich, maybe.