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Is This Dress White And Gold Or Blue And Black? A Scientific Look.

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Science has the answer to the question that's troubling the Internet.

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Famke Janssen’s Stalker Is Apparently A Horror Fan

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Somebody broke into Famke Janssen's house and left a creepy book about dolls. This isn't her new movie. This actually happened.

what the hell?!

A Belgian PSA On Identity Theft Actually Stole Somebody’s Identity To Prove A Point

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Don't give out your financial information, or the world's creepiest Belgian is going to find you. No, seriously, this guy is frightening.


Wikipedia Fanatic Commissions A Jimmy Wales Penis-Painting, Because Wikipedia Fanatics Are F-ing Weird

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Jimmy Wales, the founder of Wikipedia, has been painted with a Johnson because he thinks you shouldn't upload dick pics to Wikipedia. Seriously.


Facebook Is Getting A $429 Million Tax Refund

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Facebook is getting a half a billion back in taxes, paid no taxes this year, and made $1.1 billion in profit. Torches to the left, pitchforks to the right.

what the hell?!

FBI Founds Task Force To Stop Idiots Blasting Pilots In The Face With Lasers

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Air travelers, meet your new nightmare: idiots with laser pointers.


Hedge Fund Manager Repossesses Argentinian Navy’s Flagship


Because you can just totally take military equipment! That's totally allowed!

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Assassin’s Creed III Ad Is Memorable For All The Wrong Reasons

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Seriously, why not set this ad to "California Lovin'"? It would have made just as much sense.

what the hell?!

‘Batman Live’ So Far Not Crossing the Rockies


'Batman Live' is not coming to Gotham. Maybe they think the bridges were all blown up?

what the hell?!

So An Anti-Piracy Trade Group Just Tossed A British Guy In Jail

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In a news case that sounds like something your college roommate wrote while stoned, a private organization has hunted down, arrested, prosecuted, and thrown a man in jail for facilitating the piracy of intellectual property.


A Mini-Rant: What the Hell Happened to ‘The Office’?

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Complaining about the quality of "The Office" is old hat.

what the hell?!

Holy Crap, Your Android Phone Has Been Spying On You For Months

By | 4 Comments

This video details Carrier IQ, which just broke as a rootkit on many Android phones that are essentially now useless because they're nothing more than spies.

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