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Austin's KXAN Ruined Hockey For Everyone

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If you were watching Game 4 of the Stanley Cup Finals from anywhere outside of central Texas, you saw Brent Seabrook score a game-winning goal for the Chicago Blackhawks in sudden death overtime.


Our Little Home Run Hitler Finally Graduates. Wait, What?


<a href="" rel="attachment wp-att-114821"></a>In today's best high school sports/World War II history news, a poor kid who loves to play baseball got the ultimate one-two knockout blow featured in his high school yearbook: a goofy message from his parents, and a typo that compares him to 5.


Airbnb Is Officially Illegal In New York

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Airbnb is officially against the law in New York. But that may not last very long.


Mt. Gox And Dwolla: Your Guide To The Latest Bitcoin Mess


Or, how filling out a form improperly crippled on of the biggest Bitcoin exchanges on Earth.


Willie Mays Hayes Exists, And He’s Korean

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Here's Jeon Jun-woo of the Lotte Giants doing a "lotte" celebration for a home run that, uh, isn't a home run.


The Gold Coast Suns Got A Vaginal Rebranding


Poor Gold Coast Suns, now they're gonna be the Gold C*nts forever.


The Stetson Hatters Hosted A Pretty Awful First Pitch Attempt


Having attended quite a few baseball games at Conrad Park in beautiful DeLand, Florida – where the man with the newest model El Camino is king – I can tell you with great certainty that Stetson Hatters fans take their baseball quite seriously.


Spotify Launches Web Interface, Fails To Secure Its Own Music

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Spotify launches a new Web-based music player... and hackers promptly discover it's a free music buffet.


San Francisco Defeats Truman

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In the worst results-reporting since <a href="" target="_blank">Other Guy defeated What's-His-Face</a>, the NFL Network -- you know, the network with "NFL" in its name -- declared the San Francisco 49ers the winners of Super Bowl XVLII, knocking off the Ravens 34-31.


In Soviet Russia, Coach Passes To You

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A guy on a Russian basketball team accidentally passed to his coach, so the coach dished out an assist.


NBC Is Just Making Up NHL History As They Go

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The NHL needs a "previously on" recap before games, I guess.


Dutch Soccer Fan Slip Is The New Yankees Fans GIF


This clip of a Dutch soccer fan going Full Mr.


Toronto's Mayor Is Pretty Awesome At Football

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Any similarities between that picture and the <a href="" target="_blank">John Cena Boner Run For The Cure 2012</a> are entirely coincidental.


Ah Yes, The Old Hockey Puck In The Pants Trick

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If you can't figure out what's supposed to be happening in that picture, let me help you out.


Bethesda’s Dragonborn Armor Clearly Designed By Georgia O’Keeffe

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The Dragonborn has an... interesting design to his helmet.


The Ben Roethlisberger Fantasy Football Stat Correction Heard Around The World

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With about 5 minutes remaining in the second quarter of Sunday’s win over the Philadelphia Eagles, Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger checked down to Rashard Mendenhall for a 13-yeard touchdown and the first score of the game.


Cowboys.Com Now A Gay Dating Site, Still More About Football Than Browns.Com

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The Dallas Cowboys have mastered The Internet, but not in the way they'd intended.


What The Hell Is Going On In The KHL

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Yesterday we shared with you the story of a Kontinental Hockey League defenseman who <a href="" target="_blank">accidentally got his carotid artery slashed</a> when he fell to the ice and someone tried to jump over his neck with blades on their feet.


Come On, The Houston Astros Have To Be Doing This On Purpose

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Earlier this month, the Houston Astros committed what I consider to be the worst play in the history of professional baseball when they <a href="" target="_blank">turned a sacrifice bunt into a Cirque du Soleil-like dance of futility</a>.

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