The Ben Roethlisberger Fantasy Football Stat Correction Heard Around The World

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With about 5 minutes remaining in the second quarter of Sunday’s win over the Philadelphia Eagles, Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger checked down to Rashard Mendenhall for a 13-yeard touchdown and the first score of the game.


Cowboys.Com Now A Gay Dating Site, Still More About Football Than Browns.Com

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The Dallas Cowboys have mastered The Internet, but not in the way they'd intended.


What The Hell Is Going On In The KHL

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Yesterday we shared with you the story of a Kontinental Hockey League defenseman who <a href="" target="_blank">accidentally got his carotid artery slashed</a> when he fell to the ice and someone tried to jump over his neck with blades on their feet.


Come On, The Houston Astros Have To Be Doing This On Purpose

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Earlier this month, the Houston Astros committed what I consider to be the worst play in the history of professional baseball when they <a href="" target="_blank">turned a sacrifice bunt into a Cirque du Soleil-like dance of futility</a>.


A Chicago Cubs Fan's Season In A Nutshell (And Morning Links)


In the more graphic version of <a href="" target="_blank">Jose Reyes losing a ball in the sun and looking like an idiot</a>, a Cubs fan reached out for a ball, fell over the railing and lost a piece of his scalp on the ground.


A Brief History Of How Terrible Chick-Fil-A Is

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Why did Chick-Fil-A go from quietly bigoted to publicly, horribly, Facebook-teenager-impersonating bigoted?


Minnesota Twins Bat Boy #cantgetit

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Yesterday we shared with you a clip of <a href="" target="_blank">Philadelphia Phillies ballgirl Genevieve Haney snagging a foul ball</a> and paired it with a dozen or so Instagram photos of her sunbathing or hanging out with the Phillie Phanatic.


Wimbledon Cameraman Does It For Aunt May


In super important tennis news, Wimbledon camera operator 'Colin' tripped backwards over a canvas barrier trying to get footage of Elena Vesnina signing autographs and ended up trapped under his own apparatus.


Caw Caw Bang F**k I'm … Totally Fine?

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By way of <a href=";_ylt=AryFbFS0wBg7nOOIG1UUUC32Qe1_;_ylu=X3oDMTVkcTdibDV1BGNjb2RlA3ZzaGFyZWFnMnVwcmVzdARtaXQDTWl4ZWQgTGlzdCBOZXdzIEZvciBZb3UEc" target="_blank">Prep Rally</a> comes the least consequential moment of fastball-on-bird violence in baseball history.


That Throwing Kick Stunt Of Yours Has Boomeranged On Us


As Jim Croce once explained, there are some things you just don't do, including: 1.


How Not To Knock Someone Out With A Kick

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I've watched this video a few times, trying to figure out how landing on your arm from like two feet up can knock you out, and yeah, the jolt of a fall can do crazy things to your brain and all, but I think it was shame that knocked him out.


Hey Jan, Nice Shot


On Thursday we shared with you the first basket of Denver Nugget Kenneth Faried's NBA career: a <a href="">thunderous, no-look alley-oop</a>.


Fat Guy In A Little Chair

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<a href="">Terrell Brown Breaks Chair</a> - <a href="">For more funny movies, click here</a> Via <a href="">Guyism</a> comes the funniest and saddest thing you'll see all over the Internet today: Your blooper of College Football Saturday comes courtesy of 6’10″ 377-lb Terrell Brown, who, apparently is not aware of how big he is.

dallas mavericks

Hedo Brought No Talents To Orlando

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One of the joys of being a Magic fan was hearing the mixed reactions from other fans in the days after Otis Smith announced a major shakeup to the team’s roster.


The Cowboys Just Have No Luck

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As if things weren’t bad enough for the Dallas Cowboys, it seems that the organization once endearingly known as America’s Team just can’t get anything right.


OchocincO’s Now In Sex-Free Flavor

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Last month, the breakfast cereal industry received a huge blow when it was learned that Chad Ochocinco’s cereal, OchocincO’s, had accidentally misprinted the number to the charity Feed the Children, which was the intended recipient of proceeds from sales and donations, on the cereal boxes.

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