Our Little Home Run Hitler Finally Graduates. Wait, What?

In today’s best high school sports/World War II history news, a poor kid who loves to play baseball got the ultimate one-two knockout blow featured in his high school yearbook: a goofy message from his parents, and a typo that compares him to 5.1–6.0 million Jews. Meet Our Home Run Hitler!

This poor guy’s going to hear about this for the rest of his life (thanks, The Internet), but in all honesty the original version, “our home run hitter,” isn’t much better. What is he, eight? It might as well say “our little home run hitter.” I mean, it’s BETTER, but it’s still something that would cause me to stomp to my room, slam my door, put my face down into my pillows and think every variant of GAWD, MAWM while my loudest, worst music played.

One of the weirder side effects of the typo is that I’ve spent the last twenty minutes googling “Hitler Baseball,” hoping that maybe in addition to being an artsy vegetarian homosexual scat-enthusiast (and everything else America hated most in the 1940s) Hitler was a minor leaguer somewhere and got cut for not being able to advance runners. But nope, it’s just this kid, plus a bunch of stories about how Marge Schott thought Young Hitler was cool and a weird piece from the New York Times about how Hitler didn’t know much about baseball, which was written for some eason.

Anyway, congrats on your graduation, Hitler. Relevant:

[h/t to Deadspin]