San Francisco Defeats Truman

Pro Wrestling Editor
02.04.13 3 Comments

In the worst results-reporting since Other Guy defeated What’s-His-Face, the NFL Network — you know, the network with “NFL” in its name — declared the San Francisco 49ers the winners of Super Bowl XVLII, knocking off the Ravens 34-31.

@bubbaprog shared this picture via Twitter. I don’t see how the football channel could get the result of the most important-possible football game incorrect moments after it happened, but I have three theories:

1. The NFL overturned the result, because whatever, they do what they want.

2. @bubbaprog lives in an alternate, concurrent, ‘Sliders’-style universe where Joe Flacco’s eliteness wasn’t vindicated and the 49ers really did pull off the victory. Also in this universe, Ray Lewis is an accessory to NOT stabbing a guy.

3. The NFL Network is dumb.

Theory 2 is the most reasonable one so far.

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