Three Zebras Led The Police On A High-Speed Chase


It took five police cars to contain the zebras as they trotted around town.


A Houston Man Is Desperately Trying To Trade 3,000 Porn DVDs On Craigslist


If a guy won't accept a pet zebra for the 3,000 porn DVDs he's trying to trade on Craigslist, then what the hell does he want?


Marty The Zebra In Real Life, Cheap Blu-Rays, Dog Tricks, And Links

Today's links, featuring Marty from 'Madagascar' spotted in the real world, a clever sale on blu-rays, and an Australian cattle dog being super talented.


Zebras Have Stripes…To Mess With Horseflies?

Zebras have, not to put too fine a point on it, been annoying biologists for years, because they can't figure out the stripes.


Authoritative Animals And Links

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Where Sid From Toy Story Is Now (And Links)

15 Alison Brie-Inspired Halloween Costume Ideas |Warming Glow| Drinking is Bad for You.

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