The Best ‘Just Add Zebras’ Memes In Response To John Oliver’s Green Screen Challenge

Entertainment Editor
03.21.17 2 Comments

Last Week Tonight With John Oliver closed out last Sunday’s episode with a unique request. Following a story about people in Bolivia wearing Zebra costumes to direct traffic and cheer people up during traffic jams, Oliver asked, “If zebras can make Bolivian traffic jams better, what else could they help with?”

Turns out, the answer is just about anything:

They then uploaded 23 minutes of a zebra dancing in front of a green screen, which had some of us asking “Is this ASMR?” but no, it’s just material for the Internet to play with, and play with it they did. The task was to take stressful situations (like Paul Ryan ruining dabbing forever) and improve them with the zebra, tagging it #JustAddZebras.

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