Lyft’s CEO Just Made A Major Prediction About The Company’s Driverless Future

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If you grew up on ’80s films you know that by now, we should be surfing around on (actual) hoverboards, colonizing Mars and riding in cars that drive themselves. Sadly, our technology hasn’t caught up to our imagination, yet, but that isn’t stopping the CEO of Lyft from making some big predictions when it comes to his ride-sharing company.

The president of Uber’s main competitor, John Zimmer, just released a 14 page document outlining the company’s plans to adopt autonomous vehicles for most of it’s rides. According to the handbook, by 2021, Lyft intends to have a majority of its fleet be driverless.

Titled “The Third Transportation Revolution: Lyft’s Vision for the Next Ten Years and Beyond,” Zimmer’s mission statement predicts that by 2025, the idea of individual car ownership will be a thing of the past and the automotive industry will undergo a huge transition. This, in turn, will change the daily experience of riding in a car.

In other words, Lyft intends for its driverless fleet to present a buffet of options for its riders.

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